Our Mission

Who We Are

We are lawyers in San Francisco who have, to varying degrees, Jewish backgrounds, identities, families, or friends. Some of us practice Judaism as a religion, while others identify as ethnically or culturally Jewish, while yet others are friends and colleagues of Jews. All of us have an interest in developing our relationships with one another and exploring the ways in which Jewish belief, tradition, and experience impact the profession of law. We hope you'll join us.

Our Philosophy

The mission statement of the Jewish Bar Association of San Francisco, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, establishes it as a forum for Jewish and other attorneys and judges in the Bay Area who are interested in promoting the educational, social, and professional advancement of Jewish members of the bar. It also aims to serve as an educational resource, voice, and forum for our members on issues relating to the practice of law, the courts, and the community.

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