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The Jewish Bar Association of San Francisco provides opportunities for Jewish and Non-Jewish lawyers in San Francisco to connect with one another, discuss shared goals and ideas related to law and legal practice, explore legal issues related to Judaism and the Jewish-American experience, and deepen their relationships with each other and the community.

Current Events

Jewish Heritage Night at the SF Giants

The Jewish Bar Association of San Francisco is excited again to organize a group trip to see the Giants play the Diamondbacks for Jewish Heritage Night, which will take place this year on Wednesday, August 29th. The game starts at 7:15 pm.

We have a set of seats laid out in a box shape in the View Reserve section for $25 each. It's a great opportunity to see a game, meet and chat with some JBA members, and get one of the unique Jewish gifts they give out every year. This year, it's a knit beanie with the word Giants written in Hebrew. There's also a special Jewish party at AT&T Park before the game. Here's the Giants' summary of the special features.

We have 25 tickets, and you can grab one or more here.

We hope to see you at the game! Let us know if you have any questions.

It's Not About the Ring: Recognition of Same-Sex Families in Israel

A Talk by Frederick Hertz


About the Talk:
Same-sex couples in Israel enjoy a broad range of rights but not as married couples, since civil marriage does not exist in Israel and same-sex marriage is not allowed by any of the religious court systems. Instead, same-sex couples are recognized as "reputed spouses," and receive nearly all rights of marriage indirectly, as unmarried partners. Rather than fighting for legal marriage, the primary legal campaigns do not focus on marriage recognition, but rather, on access to parentage through coparenting, adoption and surrogacy.

This program will summarize the historical background and the current law in Israel with regard to civil marriage recognition, reputed spouse benefits, and dissolution rights and obligations. It will also describe the laws regarding surrogacy and ART for lesbian and gay couples, and parentage recognition for non-bio parents in same-sex partnerships.

Frederick Hertz is an attorney who has taught same-sex family law in Israel in 2012, and led a study tour of LGBT family lawyers from the US to Israel in 2015. He practices LGBT family law in Oakland, and is the author of two Nolo Press books on LGBT family law.

CLE credit offered.


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